Technicalities & submission questions:

  • I am from outside of the UK, can I still enter?
    Yes! (Except for ‘Best UK Startup’) The awards and event are meant to celebrate startups around the world so please enter, wherever you are in the world.
  • I am a co-founder, can I enter the ‘Founder of the Year’?
    You can indeed! (Although there is only one prize). Where it says Name(s)* on the form just pop in both your names and proceed to fill out the rest of the form as normal – no need to submit twice.
  • Our workspace is currently closed, can I still enter ‘Workspace of 2021’?
    Yes you can – our judge would like to visit the workspaces in this category, however this will certainly be after the submission deadline on 21st May. If you are still not open by then do not be discouraged, the assessment will be done based on your submission details.
  • Startups Magazine ‘champions tech startups’ can I enter The Hustle Awards if I don’t have a specific focus in tech?
    Although the tagline for our digital and print publication is to ‘champion tech startups’ and we expect to see fair few submitting, The Hustle Awards aims to be as inclusive as possible and extends to all startups and entrepreneurs. So yes! Although if I might avoid ‘Most Innovative Tech’…
  • What are our judges looking for?
    Our forms are purposefully not too specific to stimulate your imagination! Why are you the best at what you do? If you are still struggling, take a look at our previous winners and what our judges said about them in our 2020 Women in Tech issue. Or check out the online follow-up coverage:
    + Founder of the Year
    + Best UK Startup
    + Best Technology Product
    + Social Impact Hero
    + Biggest 2020 Hero
  • Is there a cutoff on the age of business/ how old do you consider a ‘startup’?
    Your only as old as you feel! If you consider yourself and your company as a startup/entrepreneur then please feel free to submit, there are no limitations on how old your business is.
  • When will I know if I have won or been shortlisted?
    Up to 5 entries will be shortlisted per category for special mention in the July/August magazine, including 1 runner-up and 1 winner chosen prior to the awards ceremony. Everyone who has entered will be contacted before the 25th June with further details.

I’m having issues submitting my form?

Here are a number of things you can do to ensure your form processes correctly:

  • Don’t try to upload too much – we have not limited the form but the recaptcha will timeout if it takes too long to load up. We would recommend no more than 1GB of content for our judges.
  • If you are determined to have all your files submitted, please load them up to your own Google Drive, Teams Folder etc. and include a link in the nearest text box.
  • If you are still having problems please submit your entry to – as long as it’s before midnight 21/05/2021!

Event questions

  • What happens if restrictions mean that the event cannot go ahead and I have a live ticket?
    No worries! Hybrid means if there are still tickets available you are able to exchange your ticket for a Virtual Hustle Box + live event stream, otherwise you can request a full refund up to 7 days before the event – and you can still join the live stream on YouTube & Linkedin! You can do all this via Eventbrite.
  • Do I need to attend in person if I am submitting an entry?
    Unless you are listed as a shortlisted candidate for your selected category (to be announced in June) then you have no obligation to attend unless you should you like to show your support for your fellow entrepreneurs, and enjoy the networking & goodies the event has to offer. If you are shortlisted, we expect you to be able to attend in-person preferably or via a meeting software (and this is outlined in the submission form).
    If you are shortlisted and not able to attend in any form, please email to arrange a video or interaction in case you win!
  • I like the look of these categories and I would like to offer a prize for a winner, how do I do so?
    If you would like to offer a prize, put something in the goody bags, or add an opt-in to a submission form, these are all promotions opportunities and you should ping an email to to discuss further. Category sponsors are sold on a first come, first serve basis. 2 categories are already sold! More info for sponsors here
  • If you wouldn’t like your picture taken during the event – please email

Any other problems?

Please email and we will be happy to help!