Judging 2022


/// The Judging Process

The awards have a specially curated judging panel, featuring a cross-section of business specialists, relevant to the award category. We go to great lengths to ensure each panel has both expertise and diversity, so that every entry can be assessed accurately and from a mix of viewpoints.

/// Step 1 – Initial scoring:

The judges for each award review and independently score every entry in their allocated category on our online judging platform, paying close attention to the criteria laid out on the entry form. The highest scoring entries from Step 1 will be put through to Judging Day.

/// Step 2 – Scoring review and shortlist selection:

The judges come together on Judging Day – 11 May 2023 to discuss each entry in depth, after which, they again independently score each entry. The highest scoring entries are then shortlisted.

Judges office - The hustle awards

/// The scoring:

The transparency and security of the judging process is hugely important to us. All scores are collated, verified to avoid anomalies, and then averaged to determine the winner. The Hustle Awards team supervises the judging process to identify and avoid any risk of bias and judges are asked to sign NDA’s and recuse themselves where they have a personal or professional interest.

/// The Judges of 2022

Tzvete HS - The hustle awards

Tzvete Doncheva

Investor Relations &

Platform Manager at PropTech1

Mark Wright - The hustle awards

Mark Wright

Director of Climb Online

& Apprentice Winner

Sallee Poinsette Nash - The hustle awards

Sallee Poinsette-Nash

Founder of Brandable & Co.

Graham Hussey- The hustle awards

Graham Hussey

Founder of Dream Factory.

Liana - The hustle awards

Liana Fricker

Founder & Inspirer-in-Chief

at Inspiration Space

Katrina Headshot - The hustle awards

Katrina Larkin

Co-Founder and Chief

Creative Officer at Fora

AMELIA - The hustle awards

Amelia Sordell

Founder of Klowt

Ezechi Britton MBE - The hustle awards

Ezechi Britton MBE

Investor & Founder of Impact X

David Savage - The Hustle Awards

David Savage

Group Technology Evangelist at

Harvey Nash Group

Jeremy - The hustle awards

Jeremy Whittingham

Consultant for SMEs in Engineering,

Science & Technology

Flavilla Fongang - The hustle awards

Flavilla Fongang

Author & Founder of

Black Women in Tech

KAY KUKOYI K.N image - The hustle awards

Kay Kukoyi

Author & Founder of

Purposeful Group

Shammi Raichura - The hustle awards

Shammi Raichura

Operations Lead at Uber

Lewis Ellis - The Hustle Awards

Lewis Ellis

Digital Marketing Consultant &

Apprentice Finalist

ZAC DES - The hustle awards

Zac Des

Founder of Dreamweaver

Steph Melodia - The Hustle Awards

Stephanie Melodia

Owner of Bloom Ltd